high grade silica sand


Synthetic Turf Express supply high quality quartz rich silica sand suitable for synthetic turf sports surfaces and landscape applications. Our silica sand enhances stability by weighing down the surface and plays a vital role in improved surface drainage. When used in landscaping, our TE-30 provides a stable layer of sand which keeps the artificial turf in place and makes the surface look as natural as possible.

Our premium quality sand has an exceptionally high silica content and desirable chemical composition. Sand is manufactured and produced in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and factory compliance to ISO 14001.

All products are produced in our state-of-the-art facility in Co. Wexford to achieve the required specific grades, wet and dry to supply all specialised markets.

  • SIEVE RANGE: 0.3mm – 0.8mm
  • SOURCE: Kilmore Quay, Wexford, Ireland
  • GEOLOGY: Marine deposit
  • PARTICLE SHAPE: Sub angular & sub rounded

Why Choose TE-30?

High quality quartz rich sand deposits

Our raw materials are sourced from natural broken down quartz from Kilmore Quay on Ireland’s southeast coast. The sand and gravel are extracted from a marine deposit and have been washed in the ocean over thousands of years. These conditions make this a naturally formed and extremely clean material. The mineral deposit has an exceptionally high silica content with sub angular to sub rounded grain of low porosity.

Optimal particle shape & natural controlled grain size

The most sought-after sand deposits have a high silica content and well graded quartz grains. TE-30 offers a stabilizing base with outstanding compaction properties and drainage capabilities. The particle size range of TE-30 is 0.3mm – 0.8mm and grains are sub angular and sub rounded in shape with no oversized particles.

Sub angular grains lock together better providing a more stable playing surface and better drainage characteristics. It is essential that the sand is tightly graded, so draining is not compromised and there are no oversized particles which could damage the surface or cause injury to players.

Naturally light coloured

Light coloured sand is preferred for sports turf applications. TE-30’s low iron content results in naturally lighter coloured quartz. Sand with higher Iron sand content can discolour the white lines and can affect accrediting sports surfaces.

Improved pitch porosity

Having a cleaner sand, which is achieved in the grading, means lest dust in the bottom end of the grading. This, in turn, delivers a more porous infill over time with the material less likely to compact.

Stabilising base infill uses

Premium quality silica sand for synthetic sports surfaces – football, hockey, rugby, GAA, tennis, golf and multi-sport pitches (MUGA’s) – and landscaping applications.

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