Synthetic Turf Express 10mm shock pad


TE Shock Pad 10 increases both safety and playability and is a key factor in the overall performance of your synthetic turf system.

Synthetic Turf Express shock pad underlay comprises of three layers, designed to maximise shock absorption and provide maximum comfort and safety. Our 10 mm shock pad comes in 1.5m width/95m length rolls and has been developed especially for artificial turf sport grounds.

The three layer structure with film on the backing enhances the tensile strength, minimises vertical deformation and adds value to your overall artificial turf system. 

TE Shock Pad 10 is the perfect combination of new environmental protection resin and rubber foam. During the manufacturing process vertical and horizontal grooves are cut to allow water drainage in four directions and make installation more even.

Shock pad for sport – the perfect solution for football, rugby, hockey & more

An additional shock absorbing layer will work together with the infill to provide extra protection and natural cushioning. The result is excellent shock absorption and better playing characteristics. TE Shock Pad 10 also increases the life expectancy of your pitch ensuring it plays better and lasts longer. This extra cushioning layer is installed onto the engineered or dynamic sub base underneath the artificial grass carpet.

Benefits of TE Shock Pad 10

  • Lightweight product and very easy to install;
  • Excellent shock absorption and ball rebound performance;
  • Closed cell foam product that does not absorb water, this makes the installation process easier and is not impacted by the weather;
  • Special porous design ensuring excellent water permeability.

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