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Why choose synthetic turf express

At Synthetic Turf Express our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality artificial turf products and market leading silica sand at fantastic prices.

Premium artificial grass

Synthetic Turf Express supply the highest quality synthetic turf and silica sand for sports surfaces and residential landscaping applications. Our commitment is to provide the best synthetic turf products for a variety of sports surfaces, landscaping, and recreation at fantastic prices.

We offer fantastic rates on the most advanced artificial turf products. With a large network within the artificial grass market worldwide we can offer our customers the best value on the highest quality artificial turf products.

Synthetic Turf Express artificial grass products are manufactured using the latest technology and adhere to the highest quality approval standards by leading sports governing bodies.

Many of our synthetic turf products are manufactured using the C8 polymer, the market leading yarn in artificial & sports grass worldwide. C8 is a purer polymer making the fibres extremely soft to touch yet incredibly durable and exceptionally resilient. Benefits of the C8 polymer include:

  • C8 yarn has a softer feel;
  • The molecular structure of C8 yarn has a longer carbon chain which increases durability, resilience, temperature resistance and even the look and feel of the product;
  • 2 x more durable than the existing grades which mean better resistance to heavy traffic;
  • Blades are stronger and resist flattening;
  • Better protected against fading due to weather elements.

Market Leading Silica Sand

We supply high quality silica (TE-30) sand suitable for all synthetic turf sports surfaces.

Our premium quality sand has an exceptionally high silica content and desirable chemical composition. TE-30 is naturally light in colour, with optimal particle shape and size for improved pitch porosity.


Fast Dispatch

We provide fast shipping direct from our warehouse.

Excellent Service

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service to each and every client.

Free Samples

We offer FREE sample packs for our full range of products.